Can't Find What Your Looking For?

Can't Find What Your Looking For?

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After moving our site in house we are starting to see more of what are customers are looking for. We know that we cant have everything on our site but we would like to offer helpful recommendations for the things our customers are looking for. 
We will keep this updated as new search terms come in!

New Products:
The Lucy, Wave, and Impression planters are brand new for us this year and we always keep new products off the website for a full year so they are exclusive to our wholesale customers. However, if your local garden center did not order any or at the time their order was picked we were out of stock of them, you can contact us directly if you are interested in one of these planters and we can create an order for you! 

Terra Cotta: Terra Cotta items such as - Standard Pots, Azalea pots, saucers, window boxes, etc. - are extremely fragile and we are unable to ship them directly to our online customers. These items can be found just about everywhere however, and a lot of our wholesale customers source their terra cotta items from us. Reach out to your local garden centers and talk to them about your terra cotta needs.

Gray / Granit clay (basalt) items are sourced from Germany and much like red Terra cotta - is too fragile to ship. Due to shipping delays and production hiccups from Spang, we have decided to not stock the German ware until supply issues have been solved. This means that our wholesale customers will not be able to get those products from us and have to look elsewhere to supply them. There is another company, Deroma that has Gray and Granit items, try reaching out to them or talk with your local garden center about Deroma products.

Crocks: Burley has made pickling or fermentation crocks for a long time but we did make the decision a couple of years ago to stop producing them. But don't be too disappointed! The next best place to find crocks, bowls, serving plates, and other types of kitchen ware is at Ohio Stoneware! Check out their website for all your crock needs! If you are sort of local or want to take a drive over to Zanesville - check out Heartstone Pottery - they also do crocks, bowls, and plates. 

Just Sayings: Our Just saying pots - or as one wonderful older woman at a garden center convention called them "mouthy pots" (fantastic name) are usually just ordered from our wholesale customers since there are close to 200 different item numbers but if demand for them increases online, we could add an option for them on our site. We can do custom sayings or designs as well, you would just need to collaborate with our design person on a project. If you are interested in a Saying pot - reach out via contact form or call us and we can put in a custom order for you! The cost for a Saying pot shipped out directly to you would be $48.99. 

Replacement Bowls: If you are looking for a replacement "bowl", results may not come up as they are labeled replacement "tops". To find replacement tops, simply click on Products -> Replacement Parts -> Tops Only. If you are unsure which top you need for your existing pedestal, feel free to reach out to us via the chat below, email, phone, or social links. We can confirm which top would work best for your pedestal and help you place the order if need be. Not all of our tops will work for other pedestals not manufactured by us, but we will try our best to find you a top that will work perfectly for you. 

Repair: There is not much you can do to to fix our pottery once its broken - its something about the texture of our clay that doesn't work very well with glues and epoxies. There might be one out there that does work but we have not been told about it yet. We do recommend FlexSeal Clear for our customers who have hairline cracks and want to fix the top.

Beehive: These adorable garden accessories are no longer in production, a few years back our owners wanted to cut items that were "one sized" to speed up palletizing orders and the Bee Skep was one of those items. As of writing this blog post - we have about 10 of these skeps left, unfinished (painted/aged) sitting in the back. If you are interested in one of these Beehives, please reach out to us via the chat below, email, phone, or social links.  

Monogram: Our Bookplate Planters have been called monogram pots, initial planters, or letter pots but they are all the same great planter perfect for gifts and the home. We do not make these planters anymore, but we still have a semi decent stock left of letters in 2 different colors - Blue and Green. They can be found under our Clearance section. Now we do not have all of the letters still in stock, but will keep the product updated as we run through letters. 

Saucer: Saucers have long been a hit and miss item with Burley wholesale - more miss lately than previous years. We do make a saucer for all of our products (sizes 7" - 14") however, most of our saucers are Rammed instead of Jiggered which makes getting them more difficult. A ram die needs to be made for sizes 7" - 11.5" and then production needs to manage to spread out the color options with what they just rammed. Size 14" is jiggered so those are easier to get than others but we do not have many pots that require such a large size saucer. We do hope to improve production times for our saucers in the future, but right now we have to stick with a long wait time.
Because of these issues, we do not offer a saucer online to go with our planters, as we would never get anything shipped out if the order is waiting on something that could take months to be made. They would also be too costly to ship out as a single item and would be more cost effective for our customers to be shipped with a planter. If you are interested in getting a saucer for a planter that you already have or would like to order, please contact us about your saucer needs. Please be aware that any orders waiting for a saucer will most likely have a long wait time.

As more people search for products, we will add to this list to keep things updated for our customers. We will not be able to include every search term on this list as some of them we do not have the information to give or help with. 

Updated: 3/10/23

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Pete products So. zaSnyder
Pete products So. zaSnyder

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