Easy Plants to Grow Indoors!

Easy Plants to Grow Indoors!

Don’t really have a green thumb? Try one or more of the best plants to grow indoors. And no matter what color, shape or size your plant is, it will always look good in a Burley Clay Pot! Indoor plants or houseplants, as some call them, will add a bit of color and nature to your indoor environment. They are typically easy to care for, need bright but indirect light, and need to be watered when their soil is dry to the touch. Many houseplants are air purifiers or have healing qualities. Try one of these easy to grow houseplants. They are pretty and will make you happy!

Aloe Vera
Easy to grow. Likes warm air. Indirect light. Water when soil is dry. Has medicinal qualities.

Snake Plant 
Perfect indoor plant. Low maintenance. Low level light needed. Almost never needs water. Removes toxins from the air.

Staghorn Fern
An unusual looking plant. Low to medium light. Moderate moisture. Usually grown in a vertical position attached to a piece of wood or in a basket. 

Very colorful leaves and long-lasting inflorescence (bloom). Prefers a shady spot and likes the humidity of the bathroom. Water when soil looks very dry.

A desert plant. Comes in all shapes and sizes. Needs bright, indirect light. Does not require much water.

Zebra Plant
A rain forest tropical. Has colorful leaves. Likes a high level of humidity. Be careful not to over water.

Spider Plant 
An easy to grow tropical. Requires bright light. Likes humidity. Keep out of the cold. Makes a nice hanging plant. Improves the indoor air quality.

Peace Lily 
Very easy to grow. Great choice for home or office. Medium to low light. Amount of light determines the number of flowers. Improves air quality. Take care not to over water.

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