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Burley Pottery

Simple Elegance Top - Heaven Blue

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    locking ceramic birdbath top in dark blue glaze.
    locking ceramic birdbath top in blue glaze back side of top

    Product Details

    Need a replacement birdbath top for your pedestal? We are here to help! We know sometimes accidents happen and we forget to bring in our birdbath tops for the winter or maybe some local wildlife came through your yard with no regard for your birdbath and knocked your top off. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. 

    If you are unsure which set you have, please use our contact form to reach out or give us a call to confirm which top you need.

    Our Birdbath tops are 100% American Made and handcrafted with Ohio clay. Burley is the last American made pottery factory around, we use the lost art of Jiggering as well as a hydraulic press to create some of the most unique and beautiful pottery in the US.   

    Top Only: 16.75”d x 3.5”h 
    Weight: 12lbs

    Care Instructions

    Place your birdbath away from foliage where predators hide.
    Place your birdbath a few yards from trees so that birds can perch on limbs and groom themselves.
    Keep water fresh to attract birds and prevent algae.
    Add Burley Clay’s birdbath fillers or rocks for birds to land on when drinking or bathing.
    To prevent water from freezing in your birdbath in the winter use a de-icer.
    If your birdbath cannot be maintained in the winter turn your birdbath top over or take indoors. Freezing water may cause cracking.


    Does it freeze?
    A: Yes. Our products are not freeze-proof and if any water is allowed to sit in the tops and freeze, it will cause cracking and then will break. Winter storage is always recommended to prevent any damages. You can get full year use out of your birdbath if you use a birdbath heater for the colder months.

    Are the glazes safe and free of toxins?
    A: Yes, all of our glazes are safe for the birds. All of our glazes are free of lead and cadmium.

    Will the handpainting fade?
    A: Unfortunately yes, but this takes many, many years. Like most things left outdoors, they will eventually fade. If you have one of our Handpainted birdbath sets and see your piece fading, you can find Outdoor Paint and touch it up for a personal touch. 

    Is it really made with local Ohio clay?
    A: Yes it really is made right here in Roseville, Ohio! We have a local clay mine, which is dug weekly and hauled down the road a few miles to our factory in Roseville. Everything is made on site here, from dirt to finished product and then shipped directly to you. We make about half of our glazes ourselves and source the others from our friends at Mayco in Columbus, OH!

    My top broke on my birdbath, is there anything I can do?
    A: Sadly no, once they are broken there is not much you can do. Most glues are not safe for the wildlife that will be enjoying your birdbath. If you only have hairline cracks in your top and want to prevent further damage - we recommend using FlexSeal Clear. Once the sealant has cured for 24hrs, it is safe for the birds.

    How do I clean my birdbath?
    A: Use a wildlife friendly cleaner to scrub any dirt and gunk away. Some of our staff use a bucket of hot water and some Comet to clean theirs. Just mix comet with the water and scrub until clean. Rinse thoroughly Do not let the mixture soak in the bath.

    How do I clean the Birdbath Fillers?
    A: You can clean the fillers the same way as you clean the birdbath tops. Use a wildlife friendly cleaner and a good scrub brush to scrub the gunk off the fillers and then rinse them off really well. Don't let the fillers sit in the solution for too long either.

    My item arrived broken, now what do I do?
    A: If any of your items arrive broken, don't sweat it! Take a picture of the damaged item(s) and send it to us in an email with your name & address and we will send out a replacement at no cost to you. 
    Our email is : contact@burleyclay.com

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Terri Kendrick

    Simple Elegance Top - Heaven Blue

    Michael Stampfler
    Replacement was perfect

    I broke my original birdbath basin. This was a replacement. It is perfect ! Very nice !

    Dorothy Schlegel
    Excellent Service & Products

    Perfect replacement items for my birdbaths.


    I need to apologize. You are correct! It hasn’t been a long wait at all. Emails , internet, software automation, and my forgetfulness. I’m looking forward to getting home and seeing the replacement you sent. I’m sure it looks great.

    I’m sorry about other review.


    Hello James, we are sorry for the delay in your order. At the time that you placed it, there was a pop up on the website stating that we did not have any packing foam to safely ship out tops. Our supplier needed to make more and this takes time. You placed your order on 2/10 and it was shipped on 3/12. Your tracking information says it was delivered 3/19 and the automated email goes out 7 days after fulfillment. There was no 3 month wait. UPS does not inform us when a package is lost, damaged, or delivered to the wrong address. When you get the email of something being delivered and you do not have it, please let us know. We will contact UPS and figure out what happened and ship a replacement.

    Carl Birgells
    Great replacement

    This was a replacement for one that cracked during the winter due to my own negligence. Burley even shipped another replacement due to my mistaken address entry on their website. Very good customer service. Great company. May the Lord continue to prosper them.